Announcing TrustCall 4.0 release with support for popular smartphones including Android, iPhone 6 and 6s!

Secure your mobile communications including phone calls and text messages, with TrustCall 4.0 available for download from Google Play and iTunes. Enjoy the following features and functionality:

Security of Hardware with the Ease of Software

Protect your phone calls and messages with the security of hardware-based encryption, and the ease of software. TrustCall utilizes the native secure elements of mobile devices without requiring any device modifications or additional hardware.


Interoperable Across Popular Smartphones

Use TrustCall on your smartphone of choice including the latest iPhone, Android or BlackBerry phone. Call and send text messages to your colleagues and friends on their TrustCall enabled iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

Easy to Install and Use

Download TrustCall from app stores including Google Play and iTunes. Activate TrustCall and it is ready for use.

Best in Class Performance and Quality

Experience TrustCall performance and quality exceeding other secure communications solutions, comparable to regular mobile calls and text messaging.


Choose a version of TrustCall that’s right for you and matches your organization’s distinct requirements:

  • TrustCall Global Service – a fully hosted, subscription-based encryption service for mobile calls and text messaging without capital and infrastructure costs. Users simply download and activate the TrustCall mobile app on their devices.
  • TrustCall On-Prem – for government organizations and large enterprises looking to secure their mobile communications while maintaining complete control over their mobile communications infrastructures. TrustCall On-Prem can be deployed on-premise or in a private cloud and is compatible with mobile device management (MDM) software. KoolSpan Professional Services works with customers and systems integrators to deploy and configure TrustCall On-Prem and provide training and ongoing support.
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