Available Today: TrustCall for iOS 10

Today Apple releases iOS 10 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices worldwide. Apple CEO Tim Cook describes iOS 10 as the “biggest release ever” for iOS devices. As millions of iOS users update over the next month, they will discover major updates and new features, including in Messages, Siri, Photos, Maps, Apple Music, News, Control Center, and more. Users are not the only beneficiaries of this update; with iOS 10, third-party developers can now integrate with Siri, Messages, Maps, and more.

New operating systems and updates, whether by Apple, Google or BlackBerry provide new features, functionality and security enhancements to hundreds of millions of people whose devices run these operating systems.

TrustCall for iOS 10 Available at the Same Time as the iOS 10 Release

By working diligently with Apple’s developer and public beta programs, KoolSpan developed TrustCall for iOS 10, providing TrustCall availability simultaneously with the release of iOS 10. A new version of TrustCall for iOS 10 is available today for all iPhone users. To install the update, open the App Store on your iPhone and select Updates or find TrustCall in the App Store.

iOS10 TrustCall users can continue to secure their mobile communications, phone calls and text messages between iPhones, Android and BlackBerry phones. TrustCall is the only cross-platform secure messaging platform that supports all three major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android and Blackberry).

KoolSpan TrustCall Commitment

We are committed to ensuring support for new OS’s and updates as soon as possible following release.  We take this responsibility seriously and are proud that in this case, with iOS 10, the TrustCall update was available the same day.

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