Bloomberg Government Names KoolSpan Company to Watch in the Mobile Security Market

Last week, KoolSpan was identified by a Bloomberg Government study as a potential Secure Mobile target for acquisition. The study analyzed top companies with specialized cyber security capabilities that may be prime takeout targets for federal contractors. These contractors are interested in cloud and mobile security markets because, according to an IDC market report, they’ll see a combined 23 percent growth increase over the next four years. Secure data storage and network are essential for businesses today for cloud computing and the BYOD environment.

Bloomberg Government’s study chose us as a potential secure mobile target based our presence in industry reports, having met NIST security standards and our role in bwtech Cync, an incubator program that we are involved in at University of Maryland Baltimore County. The report states that incubator companies are attractive targets to contractors and many have been acquired.

Caption: CEO Gregg Smith discusses KoolSpan’s relationship with bwtech Cync Incubator Program at UMBC.

While it’s exciting to be recognized by a group of well-respected analysts along with top companies such as MobileIron Inc., our focus is on providing data encryption and mobile security products to customers and value to our shareholders.

Currently, we’re developing innovative mobile security technology for customers to protect their mobile data in new ways. We recently partnered with NTP Software to create SafeFile™, the first mobile encrypted file sharing solution of its kind. SafeFile will utilize KoolSpan’s patented FIPS 140-2 TrustChip and TrustGroup technology to allow secure file viewing and sharing between defined users. We are also developing a TrustChip for the iPhone that will give Apple enthusiasts the same level of protection that is already available for Blackberry and Android devices. We are continually developing new ways to keep the information on your phone protected with minimal interference to its speed and memory.

We’re flattered to be considered a top target and I believe this is just another indicator of our company’s top performance in the mobile security market.

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