My Commute Home in the Life of TrustCall

On a rainy day in May I was driving home from work on my hour-long commute, with heavier than usual bumper to bumper traffic.  I, like most of the six million people in the greater Washington metropolitan area, live and work in the suburbs of Washington DC.

On this particular day, because of the wet and hazardous road conditions, I was unwilling to take my eyes off the road while driving home any more than necessary. I was listening to a radio traffic report and talking on my smartphone, using a Bluetooth hands-free connection, of course! I received an inbound TrustCall from my colleague, Alessandro. With the push of a button I answered his call, switching from the regular call to the TrustCall. He was calling to discuss an urgent matter sensitive in nature and placed the call via TrustCall knowing it was safe to speak without risk of anyone intercepting the conversation.

Alessandro, I should note, lives in Italy, and even though I spoke to him through my car microphone and speakers, TrustCall’s high definition audio made it sound like he was sitting next me, not a continent away.  It is a shame we haven’t yet figured out how to transport the food and coffee from Italy with the same ease!

I’m sharing this experience because it was among my first experiences using our recently released version, TrustCall iOS V 4.15, the best version to date. As is common with application updates, it includes the typical improvements and bug fixes that often go unnoticed. But this version is a bit different and includes something special. Without exaggeration, it provides true HD quality audio, far superior to a regular phone call.  When I switched back to my regular call a few minutes later, it was eye-opening, or should I say, ear-opening, just how poor the audio quality is on a standard cell call, even on the LTE network I was on. The more I use TrustCall, the more I recognize that our users start using TrustCall because of how secure it is, but they continue using it because the call quality is far superior to a regular call.

In addition to the voice quality, we’ve also added a few other nice features, including automatic unlocking with incoming calls, default ringtones, seamless switching between calls, among others.

I hope you all love it as much as I do.

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