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TrustCall Global Service TrustCall Hybrid TrustCall On-Prem


Per Seat Cost/Month (annual commitment)
Hosting and Management Fee (annual commitment)
Enterprise License and Maintenance
Professional Services (provided by KoolSpan partners)


A cloud-based secure call and text message subscription service. Secure calls and messaging solution with flexible infrastructure and architecture to fit an organization’s requirements. A mobile communications security platform hosted, managed, and maintained by an enterprise or government organization. The platform integrates into existing enterprise ecosystems via APIs.

Value Prop/Benefits

Talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime

  • No infrastructure
  • No installation
  • No management overhead
  • No capital expenditures
  • High Availability
  • High Performance
Flexibility that combines elements of both Global Service and On-Prem
    Direct control of all data and metadata, and integration with business systems

  • On-premise infrastructure
  • User account administration
  • User account provisioning
  • APIs for integration with business systems


 Cross Platform (iOS, Android)
High Fidelity Audio
APIs for Enterprise Integration
Hosted Solution
On-Premise Solution
High Availability, Load Balancing and Redundancy


AES-256 bit Encryption
End-to-End Encryption
No Backdoors
FIPS 140-2 Validation

Deployment Options

Available in App Stores
Available via MDM/EMM


Encrypted Calls
Encrypted Messages
Encrypted Phone Calls between Mobile and Office Phones
Stun & Destroy
Globally Available
Supports TrustCall microSD
Exclusive Control over Metadata
KoolSpan Privacy Policy
Your company’s policy
Dedicated Management Console
Global Enterprise Support, Help, and Customer Service Tier 1,2,3,4 Tier 3,4** Tier 3,4

*Depending on network configuration

**Depending on configuration of services

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