TrustCall Global Service

Secure your Calls and Messages with a Cloud-Based Service


TrustCall Global Service available globally

Available Globally

No Capital Expenditures, Infrastructure, IT Resources

No Capital Expenditures, Infrastructure, IT Resources

Easily Scales Up or Down

Easily Scales Up or Down

low cost

Low Cost

TrustCall Global Service is a completely hosted and managed cloud-based service, providing secure calls and messages.


TrustCall Global Service is simple to download, install and use.

Talk and Send Messages Securely, Anytime, Anywhere

Communicate securely globally. TrustCall Global Service is available anywhere in the world so you can make calls and send messages securely; ensuring you are always covered.

Communicate with Everyone Securely

Communicate securely with other TrustCall Global Service users – those within your organization, as well as partners, customers and others outside your organization.

Simple Set Up and Management

We take care of hosting, configuring user accounts and management, leaving your team to focus on what’s important to your business.


TrustCall Global Service requires no capital expenditures, IT resources, infrastructure, installation, or management.

24 Hour Global Support

Global support, help and customer service is available.

TrustCall Global Service Cloud-based Subscription

Low Cost, Cloud-based Service

Annual subscription model; no capital expenditure, infrastructure or IT requirements.

Cross Platform

TrustCall is compatible with Android and iPhone. Encrypted phone calls and text messages can be exchanged between phones.


TrustCall provides FIPS 140-2 validated, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring meaningful communication is only accessible to the initiator and intended recipient and never left unencrypted.


Services are up to date and operate with High Availability.


High quality HD audio that sounds better than a regular call.

TrustCall operates in networks ranging from high bandwidth (LTE and Wi-Fi) to low bandwidth (2G and satellite) networks.

Global Coverage

TrustCall Global Service provides global coverage, ensuring world-wide calls and messages.

Ease of Use

TrustCall is simple to deploy and use. Once the application is downloaded and activation code entered, encrypted calls and messaging are available for use.

24 Hour Global Support

Global support, help and customer service is available.

TrustCall is available with multiple deployment options

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