Enterprise TrustCenter

Centralized TrustCall Management

and Enterprise Integration via APIs


Enhanced Web-based Control

Maintaining TrustGroups

Integrate TrustCall via APIs

Utilizes push technology to notify users

TrustCenter is a series of software applications and web services that provide centralized management for a secure and trusted mobile communications environment.


TrustCenter integrates into an existing enterprise ecosystem via a robust set of APIs.

The TrustCenter Console allows for simple, secure, remote administrative management of your organization’s TrustCall licenses, TrustGroup security associations, users and their devices. The TrustCenter Console is a web-based application, accessible via a browser over your network.

  • Access via web interface or remote access to central management console.
  • Integrate with internal systems via APIs; including EMM/MDM, ERP, CRM systems and others.
  • Comply with enterprise privacy and regulatory requirements.
  • Control over communications’ metadata and data.
  • Create and manage TrustGroups and associated TrustGroup policies.
  • Register TrustCall licenses to the business/organization.
  • Stun and destroy TrustCall: temporarily lock access to encrypted communications from a lost device, or destroy in a stolen device.
  • Customize TrustCall settings on a per-user or site wide level such as Bluetooth, disable Wi-Fi during calls, force codecs, hide/show Telephony settings, relay settings, tech support, report problem, and test settings.
  • Generate reports and audit.
  • View dashboard for system health, overall status, and pending transactions.

TrustCenter Centralized Management Overview


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