Fighting KRACK

Last week the key reinstallation attacks vulnerability, called “KRACK” for short was publicized.

When we heard the name of this vulnerability we could not help “butt” chuckle, no bun intended, and thought of this image. Butt, in all seriousness (OK, I’ll stop now), KRACK is a significant vulnerability that people need to take seriously, pay attention to, and patch to address as soon as possible.

KRACK exposes vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) implementations on most, if not all, wireless networking devices that use the protocol. With KRACK, attackers can bypass WPA2 network security, exposing passwords, credit card numbers, messages, calls and other information.

We are happy to report that TrustCall is not susceptible to KRACK. TrustCall calls and messages are encrypted end-to-end, and do not rely on WPA2. Whether or not one’s network was affected TrustCall communications are always encrypted.

Even so, please patch your Wi-Fi networks ASAP.

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