GCN Gives KoolSpan’s TrustCall Nearly Straight A’s

Leading Government Tech Publications Says TrustCall Encrypts Android Calls Without the Lag Time

Bethesda, MD. – September 10, 2012

KoolSpan Inc., developer of the TrustChip® family of plug-in mobile security solutions, was recently featured in top trade publication for government and technology, GCN. GCN reviewed KoolSpan’s TrustCall, a discreet, affordable, easy-to-install secure voice solution in its July 2012 issue.

“The government spends a lot of time and money buidling [sic] digital fortresses around its offices, but they are of little help once a fed walks outside, where a simple phone call can be the key to undermining all those efforts,” said GCN reporter John Breeden II, noting the importance of mobile security outside of the office.

“[A] government agency could provide safe communications for all its workers, even using their own phones,” Breeden II said of KoolSpan’s TrustCall. “And that’s a pretty good feat that would fit in with most agencies, especially on the civilian side or even for state governments, where talks aren’t necessarily classified, but can easily be highly sensitive in nature.”

TrustCall leverages Koolspan’s TrustChip, a removable micro SD card with a crypto co-processor. With the TrustChip in place, the TrustCall application integrates with the smartphone’s address book and allows users to easily place mutually authenticated and fully encrypted calls. Without user action, the application automatically accesses the TrustChip’s security services and provides a security status when calling another secure smartphone. A compliment to the smartphone’s normal operation, the application is idle when calls are placed to non-secure phones.

“With new BYOD policies, government employees are using consumer phones that, alone, are not secure enough to protect federal data. We are very excited that GCN has recognized us as providing a safe, affordable and effective solution for mobile security,” remarked CEO Gregg Smith.

The complete review can be found on GCN’s website.

About KoolSpan:
KoolSpan is a leading innovator of data encryption and security products optimized for the mobile market. Its microSD-based TrustChip® mobile encryption engine is a critical component to mobile security solutions and has been tested and deployed in 40 countries worldwide. TrustChip secured solutions enable the protection of applications, operating systems and mobile devices; are FIPS 140-2 Validated, and deployed by government, enterprise and offered by leading wireless operators to protect sensitive communications. For more information, visit https://koolspan.com.

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