GDPR Compliance? No Sweat, TrustCall is Private by Design

The daily headlines are increasingly filled with reports and disclosures of data breaches and other assorted leaks of individuals’ personally identifiable information (PII).  Vulnerabilities and other bugs are discovered regularly across a broad range of products including, alarmingly, those explicitly intended to protect user data and information, such as we saw with the recent discovery of a vulnerability in PGP-encrypted e-mail.

GDPR – Europe Focuses On Privacy By Design

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union (EU) mandate, places new requirements on organizations worldwide that are intended to protect the rights of EU citizens and the integrity of their personal information. GDPR encourages organizations to adopt a ‘Culture of Privacy by Design’ when building or improving services for their users – putting security and privacy first, ahead of functionality and design. While individuals must remain proactive in protecting their own data, organizations are now responsible for prioritizing the protection of user data while also minimizing the collection, processing and storage of that data.

KoolSpan Commitment to Always Put User Privacy and Security First

KoolSpan’s unwavering commitment to user privacy translates into products designed explicitly for protecting and securing user data. While organizations around the world have been modifying source code and updating privacy policies in the last-minute scramble to become GDPR-compliant, for KoolSpan, it’s been business as usual as we continue doing what we do best – protecting communications and all associated user data.

TrustCall is fully encrypted, end-to-end, and we never have access to the content of your calls or messages. We don’t share your data with 3rd parties without your consent, and we never collect, aggregate, sell, or otherwise monetize your information.

However, the focus on GDPR implementation offered us an opportunity to review our data collection and retention policies, along with our privacy policy. While we always put the user first, we did identify some opportunities for improvement.

One area is the retention of logs and metadata. We maintain this information only to support our customers, and never share it outside of our support team. Until now, we’ve stored this information for 90 days but, during our review, we determined that retaining metadata and logs for only 14 days would enhance user privacy without compromising on support. Accordingly, we are updating our systems and policies, including KoolSpan’s privacy policy, to reflect this change.

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