Happy New Year from KoolSpan!

At KoolSpan we’ve been really busy in 2015 and looking forward to an even better 2016!

As we reflect on 2015, we’d like to share some of our major milestones:

  • Release of TrustCall 4.0, providing flexible, interoperable, secure mobile calling and text messaging across popular smart phones including iPhone 6, 6s and latest Android devices. TrustCall 4.0 offers two versions of TrustCall: TrustCall Global Service, a subscription service; and TrustCall DIRECT, enabling enterprise customers to host and operate their own infrastructure.
  • Launch of TrustCall secure voice and messaging with multiple wireless carriers, enabling the carriers to offer mobile communication security to their customers.
  • Many new customers including Fortune 500 enterprises and ministries of defense globally.
  • Free TrustCall Global Service promotion for Samsung Galaxy users to enable businesses and consumers to easily test the product prior to purchase.
  • KoolSpan partnership with Samsung Electronics America; Samsung is now offering KoolSpan secure voice and messaging solutions as part of a bundled mobility and IT product and service offering to Samsung’s mobile enterprise customers.
  • KoolSpan partnership with Trustonic to provide TrustCall secure voice and messaging inside the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), native to many leading Android smart phones.
  • KoolSpan partnership with Samsung Knox to provide TrustCall secure voice and messaging within the Knox environment – enabling seamless segregation between work and home within a single device.

We are looking forward to continued success in 2016 and as always are excited to share updates and announcements with you. Follow us on Twitter @KoolSpan and never miss an update or promotion!

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