How To Avoid A Phone Hacking Scandal Of Your Own

The latest phone hacking scandal comes to us from London, where a reporter was recently arrested for plotting to hack the phone of trade union leader Andy Gilchrist. Phone hacking is used in more situations than just to gain access to information for a newspaper’s interest. Criminals hack into phones to steal contact information, confidential company information and credit card information that can be used against you.

We’ve told you before just how easy hacking into a phone can be. A Google search turns up plenty of suggestions for how to hack into phones, suggesting that all a criminal needs to know is your phone number and cell phone carrier.

A hacker can obtain credit card information such as where you have recently shopped and how much you spent at a store. While this information won’t enable them to make fraudulent charges, they can use it to trick you into giving them that information. If a hacker knows where you’re shopping, they can call and pretend to be from a store where you’ve recently bought something and then ask for your information.

The best way to avoid a phone hacking scandal, and handing out information to hackers is to tell anyone calling who claims they work at a store that you’re busy right now and that you’ll call them back. Then, call the store or go back to the store to talk to someone there. If there really is an issue where they need your information you can give it to them safely and rest assured that it is someone that you can trust.

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