KoolSpan Forms Partnership with intiGrow To Deliver Innovative Mobile Security Solutions

intiGrow to Resell and Integrate KoolSpan’s TrustSuite of Products in Overall Security Solutions for Global Enterprises

Bethesda, MD. – October 1, 2012

KoolSpan Inc., leading global provider of encrypted solutions for connected devices, announced today its partnership with intiGrow to deliver comprehensive secure wireless solutions to global enterprises.

intiGrow will resell and integrate KoolSpan’s mobile security solutions as part of a three-pronged approach to mobile security. Koolspan’s innovative TrustChip® and software solutions substantially lower the risk of data breaches through eavesdropping on wireless conversations, hacking and other common security threats on connected devices, while at the same time meeting stringent government standards.

initiGrow’s three-pronged security solution will include KoolSpan’s TrustSuite of products, along with a mobile device management (MDM) and access management technology. Together, these solutions will ensure security through layered protection where currently little security exists, while maintaining convenience and authentication.

The joint solution will provide complete control over all business applications for mobile devices. Uniquely, intiGrow’s solution offering will encrypt voice and text and enable organizations to, when necessary, remotely destroy sensitive data, control device configuration and apps, and configure access as needed while leaving the user’s personal data untouched. The solution improves call quality over software-based encryption, provides low latency. It is more efficient because, unlike other mobile security solutions, it does not require users to stay logged into a server, which drains the battery and slows device performance.

“With this partnership, intiGrow clients will gain a competitive advantage by having a complete mobile security solution that is unique,” said Dan Fitzgerald, Vice President of Sales at intiGrow. “No one else in the space is really leading the charge of securing voice and text. KoolSpan not only has leading technology but also provides a Software Developer Kit that will allow us to work directly with the TrustChip platform to develop customized solutions for our customers.”

“Increases in unwanted surveillance and cyber hacking combined with work and social demands are influencing employees to bring their own devices. This creates a huge, unrecognized vulnerability for companies all over the world,” said Francis Knott, Senior Vice President at KoolSpan. “Partnering with IT security systems integrator intiGrow allows us to put our solution in the hands of global enterprises and be a part of an overall security solution that finally solves the mobile security issue without altering the end user experience.”

The foundation for the solution, the patented FIPS 140-2 TrustChip, is a fully hardened, self-contained crypto engine inserted into the smartphone or tablet microSD slot and is the basis for all KoolSpan applications. TrustChip can be removed from one device and placed in another – transferring your mobile security from phone to phone . Alternatively, TrustChip can be bound to a single device, rendering it unusable on any other. KoolSpan’s products include TrustCall for mobile voice security; TrustText for secure text messaging; TrustCenter mobile security management software; TrustGroups encryption key management; and TrustChip for connected device security.

intiGrow plans to offer KoolSpan’s secure connectivity solutions and products to its global enterprise clients. intiGrow’s clients include Yum! Brands and Humana.

About intiGrow
Formed in 2003, intiGrow is an internationally prominent IT consulting firm providing strategic consultation, application services, and solutions centered on IT security areas of identity and access management, governance, risk, and compliance, mobile security, database security, and security intelligence. intiGrow helps customers achieve results by identifying critical security issues and business justifications, and implementing innovative and customized solutions designed to generate revenue, reduce costs, and ensure access the right information at the right time. intiGrow provides software licenses from security software manufacturers, and deployment and management services in a unique on-site/off-site model. intiGrow operates in the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. For more information visit http://www.intiGrow.com.

About KoolSpan:
KoolSpan is the leading global provider of encrypted solutions for connected devices. The foundation for all KoolSpan solutions is the TrustChip®, a microSD-based hardware token for mobile devices, laptops, tablets and servers. Supported by a strong patent portfolio, KoolSpan offers a robust API for application developers and system integrators, as well as encrypted voice and text applications for wireless carriers, enterprise and government deployments. The FIPS 140-2 Validated solution has been tested and deployed in 49 countries worldwide. For more information, visit https://koolspan.com.

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