TrustCall: iPhone’s Only Hardware-Based Encryption Communication Security

iPhone communication security applications have been software only…until now.

Introducing TrustCall for iPhone. TrustCall is a hardware-based mobile security application that allows mutually authenticated and fully encrypted phone calls.

What differentiates TrustCall from other software-only iPhone communication security applications? It utilizes the hardware-based encryption of TrustChip. Being hardware-based adds a layer of protection to TrustCall not found in any other product on the market today.

In fact, this hardware/software combination is what NIST, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, recommend for all federal users.

TrustChip, the hardware engine for TrustCall, is a FIPS 140-2 validated MicroSD crypto chip. It supports all-in-one key management, authentication, and encryption for multiple applications. TrustChip is OS, device, and network independent.

TrustChip is deployed in its own optimized hardware environment and remains insulated from threats that can reside in mobile devices and other platforms. This self-contained structure ensures that the phone is protected against attacks made on the host device, as well as across network connections.

So how did we get an SD chip into an iPhone? KoolSpan has created a customized TrustSleeve that easily attaches to your iPhone 4 or 4S. Place the TrustChip in TrustSleeve and slip it on your phone. That’s it.

Why Do You Need iPhone Communication Security?

It is easier than ever for malicious entities to intercept and listen to sensitive phone calls. Fake cell towers, electronic surveillance, and malware are easily available and widely used. This problem is exacerbated when traveling to foreign countries such as China or Russia.

TustCall is designed to keep your most sensitive calls private. If you demand the highest level of security for your iPhone, TrustCall is for you. Don’t let your confidential business or government information fall into the wrong hands. Contact KoolSpan or call (240) 880-4403 to find out how you can enjoy iPhone communication security from KoolSpan.