KoolSpan Protects iPhone 5 and 5S Users’ Voice and Data Communications from Hacking, Interception and Theft

Millions of iOS 7 Users Can Now Secure Smartphones with an iPhone TrustSleeve, Powered by KoolSpan’s Highly-Acclaimed and Patented TrustChip™ MicroSD Encryption Engine

Bethesda, MD – Oct. 1, 2013 – iPhone 5 and 5S users on any network can now protect their voice and data communications from hacking, interception and theft with an iPhone 5 TrustSleeve, powered by KoolSpan’s suite of patented, hardware-based mobile security applications.

KoolSpan’s iPhone TrustSleeve instantly transforms a regular iPhone into a “secure phone” by ensuring malicious third-party adversaries can’t intercept or eavesdrop on voice calls and SMS messages.

Previously available as the first ever hardware-based iPhone encryption solution for iPhone 4 and 4S, KoolSpan’s iPhone TrustSleeve is now compatible with iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. TrustSleeve offers “quick and easily deployable secure, encrypted communication between off-the-shelf iPhones,” according to SC Magazine’s Review of the TrustCall for iPhone.

In order to accommodate a microSD-based security solution on the iPhone platform which does not have a native microSD slot, KoolSpan partnered with Device Fidelity to custom design the TrustSleeve, a protective, slim iPhone case available at www.koolspan.com that houses the chip and allows iPhone users to easily harness FIPS 140-2 level compliant technology and AES256 encryption.

“The TrustSleeve acts as an adaptor between the TrustChip and iPhone,” said KoolSpan CEO Gregg Smith. “The secure TrustChip is deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, insulating it from threats that can reside in mobile devices and other platforms.”

The TrustChip also provides on-chip key management, authentication, and encryption key generation, and can be removed from one device and placed in another – allowing users to transfer mobile security from phone-to-phone, or bind to a single device, rendering it unusable on any other.

“Traditionally, the need for ‘secure phones’ was reserved for high-level military and government agents,’’’ said Smith. “Today’s proliferation of mobile and network-connected devices among individuals and business has ushered in a new set of security challenges and has made privacy an issue for everyone.”

For more information about TrustSleeve for iPhone, please visit https://koolspan.com/iphonesecurity. For information on security solutions for Android or Blackberry, please visit: www.koolspan.com

About KoolSpan

Named a top “Company to Watch” by Federal Computer Week, KoolSpan, Inc. develops hardware-based encryption and security applications to protect data and voice communications over network-connected devices. The foundation for KoolSpan encryption is TrustChip®, a hardware-based security platform delivered through a secure microSD processor. It protects connected devices including cell phones, office network phones, laptops, and tablets, PCs, desktop phones and servers. With 17 patents underlying its technology, KoolSpan offers communications security to companies and government agencies worried about loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. TrustChip’s TrustSDK is FIPS 140-2 validated and deployed in more than 50 countries. KoolSpan is a privately held and based in Bethesda, Md.  For more information, visit www.koolspan.com, follow us on Twitter @KoolSpan and at Facebook.com/KoolSpan.

About DeviceFidelity

DeviceFidelity, Inc. develops plug-and-play technologies that empower a variety of institutions to deploy their services and applications on millions of mobile phones worldwide. Its patented CredenSE and In2Pay® microSD and iCaisse for iPhone solutions transform popular mobile phones into interactive contactless transaction devices. Committed to bringing contactless innovation to the mobile phone, the company launched moneto, the world’s first multi-platform mobile wallet in the US. DeviceFidelity is a private corporation with headquarters in Richardson (Texas) and offices in San Mateo (California), and Aix-En-Provence (France). For more information visit devicefidelity.com, follow us on Twitter @devicefidelity and at facebook.com/DeviceFidelity.

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