KoolSpan Announces Secure Voice Solution for IP Networks

Designed for 3G or Wi-Fi networks, Windows Mobile solution offers customers powerful protection of mobile voice communications

Bethesda, Md., Jul 20, 2009 – KoolSpan®, Inc., developer of the TrustChip® family of secure connectivity solutions that seamlessly unite mission-critical network devices, today announced general availability of a mobile voice protection solution for Internet Protocol (IP) networks, adding to its family of Circuit Switched Data (CSD) based secure voice solutions.

Designed for the worldwide and rapidly expanding 3G infrastructure, the solution operates across cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The solution features hardware-based security, harnessing the TrustChip processor. Fully manageable with a TrustCenterTM, customers can maintain complete operational control with an on-premises installation or outsource management to a hosting service provider.

The solution makes use of industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), allowing organizations to leverage existing SIP infrastructures. Customers can operate with publicly available SIP service providers, or maintain complete control with internally deployed systems.

TrustChip Secured, the application allows users to easily place mutually authenticated and fully encrypted calls end-to-end. Integrated with the smartphone’s address book, mic and speaker, users have a normal call experience. Without user action, the application automatically accesses the TrustChip’s security services and provides a security status when calling another secure smartphone. A compliment to the smartphone’s normal operation, the application is idle when calls are placed to non-secure phones.

“KoolSpan has maintained a standards-focused approach to deliver this next generation secure voice solution. This broad compatibility allows customers to utilize their preferred smartphones and servers,” said KoolSpan Chief Executive Officer Tony Fascenda.

Other solution features include:

•Transforms standard smartphone into secure hardware
•Converts unknown networks into trusted infrastructure
•Enables highly granular and flexible security groups
•Provides over-the-air management capability
•Enables organizations to easily control the security of their own communications
KoolSpan’s TrustChip, an industry first, is a hardened microSD crypto card purpose built for security. Complete with a 32-bit processor at its core, it is a self-contained security computer. TrustChip Secured applications harness the chip’s power via the TrustChip Developer Kit (TDK). Designed to make use of industry standard SD memory slots, TrustChips can be used on cell phones, computers and other devices. KoolSpan TrustChips feature a streamlined device-to-device architecture, providing host devices advanced authentication and encryption capabilities. They can be flexibly deployed and fully managed by the enterprise.

KoolSpan technology has been rigorously tested and reviewed by top security research organizations in the United States government, as well as many industry trade publications. KoolSpan is an Information Security Magazine/TechTarget Readers Choice Award winner for Best Emerging Technology, a category winner of the SC Award for Best Multi-Factor Authentication technology, and was featured by the editors of Network World as one of the Top Ten “Security Companies to Watch.”


About KoolSpan, Inc.
Based in Bethesda, Md., KoolSpan is the leading innovator of simple secure connectivity solutions that seamlessly unite mission-critical network devices. From smartphones to servers, KoolSpan’s TrustChip® crypto engine creates secure and trusted connections between any two points independent of network boundaries. KoolSpan delivers off-the-shelf enterprise and developer-friendly embeddable solutions, enabling a flexible, cost-effective approach to device security that can drop in, operate automatically and self-manage in a wide range of platforms. To learn more, visit www.koolspan.com or call 240.880.4400.

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