KoolSpan Awarded U.S. Patent

Patent showcases KoolSpan innovation and award-winning technology.

Bethesda, Md. Oct. 20, 2009 – KoolSpan®, Inc., developer of the TrustChip® family of secure connectivity solutions that seamlessly unite mission-critical network devices, today announced it has been awarded a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled ‘Shared Network Access Using Different Access Keys’ (U.S. Patent No. 7,607,015).

“We are delighted to receive this patent which shines a spotlight on the transformative and truly breakthrough nature of our technologies. KoolSpan’s fourth patent award, this further supports our novel approach to solving complex security problems simply,” said KoolSpan CEO Tony Fascenda.

KoolSpan TrustChip technologies deliver fully-encrypted network connectivity and mutual authentication within a streamlined device-to-device architecture that protects critical voice and data traffic end to end. TrustChip technologies also feature distributed security management without limits of scale or network type, and a dedicated and hardened crypto engine that insulates security processing from host devices. Deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, KoolSpan’s high-performance security engine remains protected from threats and bottlenecks that can reside in open platform, mobile and legacy host devices.

KoolSpan technology has been rigorously tested and reviewed by top security research organizations in the United States government, as well as many industry trade publications. KoolSpan is an Information Security Magazine/TechTarget Readers Choice Award winner for Best Emerging Technology, a category winner of the SC Award for Best Multi-Factor Authentication technology, and was featured by the editors of Network World as one of the Top Ten “Security Companies to Watch.”

For more information on patent numbers 7,607,015, please visit the United States Office of Patents and trademarks at www.uspto.gov.
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Based in Bethesda, Md., KoolSpan is the leading innovator of simple secure connectivity solutions that seamlessly unite mission-critical network devices. From smartphones to servers, KoolSpan’s TrustChip® crypto engine creates secure and trusted connections between any two points independent of network boundaries. KoolSpan delivers off-the-shelf enterprise and developer-friendly embeddable solutions, enabling a flexible, cost-effective approach to device security that can drop in, operate automatically and self-manage in a wide range of platforms. To learn more, visit www.koolspan.com or call 240.880.4400.

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