KoolSpan Secure Communications

Secure your calls, messages, and files with KoolSpan’s end-to-end encryption


Superior end-to-end encryption

Based on KoolSpan’s patented per-packet keying mechanism

Military-grade architecture

Designed for Government, Enterprises, Vertical Markets

KoolSpan is the new private communication service, where security and data privacy are essential

Secure Messaging and Chat

Send individual or group text messages and share sensitive data securely. All communications remain encrypted until viewed, without concern of being hacked or intercepted.

Secure Voice Call

 Talk to colleagues and business partners, securely without fear of being heard. With HD audio, calls are crystal clear for all participants. Calls can be made and received across the globe, including remote locations with low bandwidth.

Encrypted File Sharing

Share files securely within 1-to-1 or group chats. The file content remains encrypted on the device until opened and displayed.

Desktop Application

Access mobile capabilities from Windows and Mac OS. Notifications received on mobile and desktop, and its contents, are synchronized in real time.

Encrypted Group Call

Arrange meetings and conference calls using KoolSpan’s standard HD call quality and security.

Encrypted Video Conference Call

Arrange individual or group video calls secured by KoolSpan’s encryption.

Dedicated Admin Console

Import users from the Enterprise Active Directory and configure the service with KoolSpan’s centralized Admin Console.

Full control of Metadata

You have the exclusive control over the service data. Unlike other messaging solutions, neither KoolSpan nor any 3rd party can access your metadata.

Exclusive on-premise deployment

KoolSpan’s solution can operate in your premises and does not require exposure to the unsafe public WEB

Working from home and meeting from remote locations become secure like never before

KoolSpan Dome

Secure communications for secure networks

The Global Threat of Cyber Attacks

In an always-connected world, there’s an ever-increasing need to protect sensitive data and retain privacy

Data collects on employees’ unprotected devices risking hacking through cyber espionage tools

Consumer-based products are regularily adopted at work, putting sensitive data at serious risk

The direct device’s exposure to the public WEB is leveraged by malicious users to exfiltrate data to external services (i.e., private email, personal cloud) and by hackers to infiltrate devices


KoolSpan Dome, the Solution

KoolSpan’s communication solution is deployed on-premise into your private and isolated environment

The user devices operate disconnected from the public WEB and connected to your environment via standard VPN / APN

Your environment becomes a “Dome” and you will be invisible to the cyber attackers

Within KoolSpan Dome users’ devices remain protected from cyber attacks and infiltrations, while fully enabled to operate in the secure network and communicate with each other from everywhere

Tailored Integrations of KoolSpan Dome

KoolSpan’s solution can be integrated with a variety of Enterprise Applications and IT solutions to protect the corporate environment, such as VPN, Private APN, Firewalls, Gateways and Proxies

KoolSpan Dome operates with any productivity UEM/EMM/MDM platforms for Device Management and Secure Containerization, to provide the Customer with a complete admin control on the devices being used at work

KoolSpan and Samsung SDS

Together we offer a complete solution package for Enterprise and Government Sectors

KoolSpan Dome is bundled with Samsung SDS EMM Platform, the global lead solution for EMM Device Management and Secure Containerization

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