KoolSpan Launches the First Enterprise-Grade Mobile Communications Security Platform to Integrate with Core Business Systems

New Enterprise and Service Provider Platforms Deliver Easy-to-Use Encryption Technology, Offering Scalability and Flexibility for Commercial and Government Organizations Worldwide

Bethesda, Md. (May 3, 2016) — KoolSpan, Inc., a leading provider of encrypted secure voice and messaging solutions for mobile phones, today announced the availability of two new platforms, TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise Version 4.0 and TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider Version 4.5. Putting the world-class secure communications of KoolSpan’s flagship TrustCall technology in the hands of government and commercial organizations worldwide, these are the first enterprise-grade secure mobile communications solutions designed to enable seamless integration with organizations’ existing infrastructure and service providers’ core systems. KoolSpan’s latest platforms offer centralized management and administration, letting more customers add encrypted communications across their employees, business partners and supply chains and protect sensitive calls and messages from global surveillance threats and enforce their privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.

KoolSpan is proud to offer these two platforms, leveraging robust sets of APIs to incorporate the security of TrustCall with enterprises’ current security frameworks:

  • TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise 4.0 is the only true enterprise-grade solution that allows TrustCall secure communications to be easily integrated into the existing enterprise ecosystem. Building on organizational infrastructure, companies can not only merge TrustCall with the processes currently in place, but also extend to their mobile assets. Additionally, KoolSpan’s API technology allows organizations’ internal systems, including MDM, EMM and ERP systems, to work in sync with TrustCenter.
  • TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider 4.5, designed specifically for service providers, offers similarly bundled APIs that help consolidate high-performance TrustCall secure communications with their central systems. Using KoolSpan’s Service Provider solution, providers can easily incorporate TrustCall into provisioning systems, billing systems, customer care ticketing and popular customer relationship management platforms including Amdocs and Salesforce.

“The unprecedented, worldwide demand for encrypted mobile communications is expanding. In addition to seeking protection for individual devices, customers want to integrate secure communications within the business systems and processes that run their entire enterprises,” said Julie Holdren, KoolSpan’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Product. “KoolSpan customers can benefit from our team’s experience and work with partners to meet this growing demand. International carriers are already deploying TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider to leverage their existing infrastructure while rolling out TrustCall secure messaging across their customer base, easily scaling across their wide range of customers.”

Current events, including Apple’s encryption stand-off with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Microsoft’s lawsuit challenging U.S. government’s ability to access cloud data, illustrate the escalating privacy tug-of-war enveloping major mobile device and service provider stakeholders. More than ever, organizations must turn to trusted, third-party encryption technologies to safeguard communications and business data transiting interconnected networks.

Created with the enterprise in mind, KoolSpan’s newest offerings provide organizations with easy-to-use encryption solutions and the flexibility of on-premise or as-a-service options, incorporating TrustCall secure voice and messaging with existing enterprise infrastructure as well as mobile handsets without investing in additional custom hardware. Adding to the overall security, customer organizations have complete control over their communications’ metadata and data, so KoolSpan has no access at all to customers’ communications information.

Enterprise TrustCenter is now being deployed by national ministries of defense, police forces, enterprises and small and medium businesses in 60 countries worldwide, while service providers and other customers are successfully implementing the bundled APIs and consolidating TrustCenter with a range of customer tools. Both TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise and Service Provider are available now on a global scale.

KoolSpan will continue to invest in relationships with industry leaders across markets to develop vertical solutions for all industries as it builds the next generation of TrustCall, securely extending the corporate infrastructure to mobile devices for the enterprise. TrustCall utilizes mobile devices’ existing software and hardware to ensure optimal and consistent security for virtually every device running modern, popular mobile operating systems. TrustCall supports all GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi and LTE wireless networks and ensures meaningful communication is only accessible to the initiator and intended recipient and never left unencrypted. Enterprise TrustCenter APIs are bundled with TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise at no additional cost. More information can be found here: https://koolspan.com/products/trustcall-direct-enterprise/.

About KoolSpan

KoolSpan is the leading provider of robust, cross-platform, end-to-end communication security on mobile devices and desktop phones. KoolSpan offers multiple encryption solutions supporting Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones. KoolSpan’s security and privacy solutions address the growing threat of loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. Customers include government organizations and enterprises in over 60 countries worldwide. KoolSpan is FIPS 140-2 validated and has 21 issued patents with dozens more pending. KoolSpan is privately held and based in Bethesda, Md.

For more information, visit www.koolspan.com, or follow KoolSpan on Twitter @KoolSpan.


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