KoolSpan Solution Addresses New Guidelines for Mobile Security from National Institute of Standards and Technology

KoolSpan’s TrustChip Provides a Higher Degree of Assurance Against Threats

Bethesda, MD. – January 17, 2012

A recent report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calls for accelerated industry efforts to protect mobile devices from security threats. Specifically, the report recommends hardware-based “Roots of Trust” (RoTs) that provide a higher degree of security over software “due to their immutability, smaller attack surface, and more reliable behavior.”

The KoolSpan TrustSuite already addresses all three of the critical requirements detailed in the report, providing extensibility with its multiplatform TrustAPI and enterprise-grade policy enforcement via its TrustCenter server system.

“The time is now for the government and enterprise to recognize that software-based security solutions are simply insufficient,” said Gregg Smith, CEO of KoolSpan, maker of the TrustChip, a hardware-based mobile security solution. “Millions of devices in use today carry sensitive information that can be compromised far too easily. As the NIST report suggests, it’s time to get serious about mobile security with hardware-based encryption.”

The report, entitled “Guidelines on Hardware-Rooted Security in Mobile Devices,” recommends that every mobile device implement three security components:

  • Roots of trust, which are combinations of hardware, firmware and software components that are designed to provide critical security functions with a very high degree of assurance that they will behave correctly;
  • An application programming interface that allows operating systems and applications to use the security functions provided by the roots of trust; and
  • A policy enforcement engine to enable the processing, maintenance and policy management of the mobile device.

The report specifically recommends hardware-based RoTs because they provide “a higher degree of assurance that they can be relied upon to perform their trusted function or functions.”

Smith added, “Mobile security threat factors are growing every day and the levels of sophistication are increasing. We certainly hope the NIST report encourages all government agencies and enterprises to take a closer look at mobile security and implement best practices – including hardware-based encryption.”
KoolSpan has been building hardware-based security solutions since 2007. Its TrustSuite applications are based on the patented TrustChip a self-contained crypto engine inserted into the microSD slot of any smartphone or connected device. Because it is deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, KoolSpan’s high-performance mobile device security solution remains insulated from threats that can reside in mobile devices and other platforms.

About KoolSpan:
KoolSpan is the leading global provider of encrypted solutions for connected devices. The foundation for all KoolSpan solutions is the TrustChip®, a microSD-based hardware token for mobile devices, laptops, tablets and servers. Supported by a strong patent portfolio, KoolSpan offers a robust API for application developers and system integrators, as well as encrypted voice and text applications for wireless carriers, enterprise and government deployments. The FIPS 140-2 Validated solution has been tested and deployed in 49 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.koolspan.com.

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