KoolSpan’s TrustBridge Secures Calls Between Desktop Phones and Mobile Devices

TrustBridge Is First Ever Hardware Anchored Desktop Solution For Encrypted Calls

Bethesda, MD. – January 23, 2012

KoolSpan Inc., the leading global provider of encrypted solutions for connected devices, now enables encrypted calls between mobile devices and desktop phones with the availability of TrustBridge.

Ideal for large enterprises and governments, TrustBridge provides a secure hardware-based crypto gateway between phones in the field and in the office. TrustBridge can support hundreds of simultaneous calls to and from an unlimited number of desktop phones by utilizing KoolSpan’s patented FIPS 140-2 TrustChip® and TrustCall technology.

“TrustBridge increases the reach of TrustCall by providing simple integration of secure mobile voice with enterprise phones,” said Bill Supernor, Chief Technology Officer. “The need to place and receive secure phone calls is growing, particularly for organizations with large telework teams. TrustBridge also allows large enterprise and government employees deployed overseas to place secure calls into the US from locations where networks might not be as secure.”

To deploy TrustBridge, the TrustChip is plugged into the TrustServer, which is connected to the private branch exchange (PBX) via standard Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols. With the TrustServer connected to the PBX, calls are encrypted as they leave or enter the system. When a TrustCall is placed on a mobile device, the secure voice data is routed through the TrustRelay server. TrustRelay sends the voice data and call notification through TrustBridge, which encrypts the information over the PBX. The secure, encrypted call then reaches the enterprise desk phone. The enterprise phone sends out encrypted TrustBridge calls through the same process.

TrustBridge is compatible with a wide variety of PBX systems including standard SIP/RTP, Microsoft Lync, and Cisco. Deploying TrustBridge is as simple as adding a VoIP trunk to the existing phone network. For simplified maintenance, the TrustRelay and notification server can run on the same hardware.

KoolSpan’s TrustChip, the foundation for TrustBridge, is a hardened, self-contained security engine. Because it is deployed in its own optimized hardware environment, the TrustChip remains insulated from threats that can reside in mobile devices and other platforms. This self-contained structure ensures that “TrustChip Secured” encryption protects your phone from attacks made on the host device, as well as across network connections end-to-end.

For more information about the TrustBridge solution or KoolSpan’s TrustSuite of products,  contact KoolSpan.

About KoolSpan:
KoolSpan is the leading global provider of encrypted solutions for connected devices. The foundation for all KoolSpan solutions is the TrustChip®, a microSD-based hardware token for mobile devices, laptops, tablets and servers. Supported by a strong patent portfolio, KoolSpan offers a robust API for application developers and system integrators, as well as encrypted voice and text applications for wireless carriers, enterprise and government deployments. The FIPS 140-2 Validated solution has been tested and deployed in 50+ countries. For more information, visit www.koolspan.com.

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