What Are the Odds of Recovering Your Lost Mobile Phone?

The odds of recovering your lost mobile phone are better today than they have ever been before. In some states, a new initiative has been launched to assist people who have lost or had their phone stolen. This system is already in use in the United Kingdom and it is being used in conjunction with secure cell phones. This new system allows the public to register mobile phone numbers, free of charge, into a database, which enables the police department to track the original owner when the mobile phone is recovered or turned in to them, as a lost and found item.

In order to use this type of system, all you need to do is type in a cell phone’s IMEI number from the package, when purchased and by pressing #06# into keypad. The number that appears is a cell phone’s IMEI number. If the phone is lost or stolen the owner can report it to the police and it will be flagged. Although this may seem like a good way to secure your phone, it is not 100% guaranteed your private information is secure.

Today, people keep a record amount of invaluable personal material on their cell phones; therefore it is extremely important that people secure cell phones against falling into the wrong hands, loss, or theft. Today’s modern technology can leave your phone exposed to many damaging attackers. An example of this would be someone abusing your calling plan to something as extreme as accessing your bank accounts.

Modern cell phones not only allow you to make calls, but they also enable you to send email, text messages, photos, and access the internet. Cell phones are no different today than most laptop computers, and store a significant amount of information. Surprisingly, most people who have laptops make it their business to ensure their laptop is secure, yet many of those same people do not secure mobile phones in case it is lost or stolen.

To secure cell phones, is not much different than securing a laptop. You need to encrypt it with a password and use safe internet protocols when browsing the web, sending emails, or sending photos and text messages. Understanding that technology is available today to send viruses which can leave your cell phone open to malicious websites is crucial to safeguarding your personal information and your cell phone.

At KoolSpan, we have developed mobile phone encryption technology to safeguard your mobile phone devices. With TrustChip, we can remotely destroy or stun a TrustChip if your mobile device is lost or stolen. The average mobile security solutions available on the market can’t compare to our secure cell phone technology.

If you’re concerned about cell phone security, contact us or call 240-880-4400 for more information on how we secure cell phones.

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