Mobile Phones Under New Attack

Intercept of voice and data communications occurring globally

Bethesda, Md., Aug. 15, 2011 – Security researchers in America and Europe are taking increasing aim at mobile communications. Recently at DEF CON 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada, conversations and mobile data on 4G and CDMA networks were reportedly intercepted. A continent away, research presented at Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin, Germany, detailed vulnerabilities in the GPRS mobile data standard which carries most of the world’s mobile data traffic. While cellular network operators will surely move to address these vulnerabilities, these instances highlight the constant challenge for enterprise and government to secure their mobile communications on public networks.
According to Cyber and Mobility Security Consultant Robby Ann Carter, who serves as a trusted advisor to senior government leaders, “The breach of perceived security and privacy of cellular voice and data communications is a massive problem for companies as well as government.”

Some clues to see if a phone has been compromised include greatly reduced battery life, applications or processes automatically restarting after they have been exited, and network connections being unusually slow. If you suspect that a device has been compromised, one possible remedy is to reset it to factory settings.

Just as business and government have deployed comprehensive cyber security solutions for computers, the same is now possible for mobile deployments. Forward-thinking enterprises are embracing end-to-end encryption to safeguard their mobile devices by adding a TrustChip mobile encryption engine to their phones. Designed to plug into any SD slot across the variety mobile platforms, TrustChip makes mobile security solutions more secure, more efficient and more transportable. TrustChip is used today to protect mobile voice, data and texting applications on the quickly developing and newest cyber security front.

According to Tom Patterson, a security author and expert in mobile and cyber security, “Standards-based, hardware-secured, open and transportable encryption is at the core of the best mobile security solutions. Such architectures insulate sensitive security processes from attacks mounted on mobile apps, operating systems and devices developed for the mass market.”

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