Muhanbit Launches TrustCall in Korea

KoolSpan is excited to announce our newest channel partner, Muhanbit, a leading distributor of security solutions and services in Korea. Muhanbit is a professional hardware-based cybersecurity solution organization providing wireless, FinTech, IoT, secure element, and smartphone security. Muhanbit’s privacy and security solutions address multiple markets, securing important information of enterprise and government customers.

Muhanbit will formally launch TrustCall at a launch event on Thursday, December 15, 2016, at the Novotel Ambassador Gangnam (Provence) Hall. KoolSpan CEO, Nigel Jones and Chief Product Officer, Julie Holdren will attend the event and present TrustCall.

In Korea, enterprises and government organizations are concerned about the interception and hacking of their mobile calls and messages, and no enterprise-grade solution is available to meet their requirements. Many rely on consumer apps such as Signal or Telegram to fill the gap. KoolSpan is excited to partner with Muhanbit to enable enterprises and government organizations to encrypt their communications with enterprise-grade features.

Addressing demand in Korea, today Muhanbit announced the TrustCall launch, offering two TrustCall solutions: TrustCall Global Service and TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise.

  • TrustCall Global Service offers a completely hosted and managed service, enabling secure and private communications without any associated capital expenditures and overhead.
  • TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise is designed for organizations requiring direct control of their communications, including both data and metadata. TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise includes infrastructure (TrustCenter, TrustBridge and more) deployed on the customer’s premise or in their private cloud.

“We have successfully established cloud servers in Korea to support TrustCall,” said NamSeog Han, CEO of Muhanbit. “We are delighted to provide a high quality secure mobile communications solution to domestic customers, protecting their communications from interception. We are excited to introduce and demonstrate the TrustCall solution at the launch event on Thursday as well as establish reseller policies for the partners.”

Nigel Jones, KoolSpan CEO, presenting at the Muhanbit TrustCall Launch in Korea
Nigel Jones, KoolSpan CEO, presenting at the Muhanbit TrustCall launch in Korea
TrustCall launch with partner Muhanbit in Korea
Mr. Han NamSeok, Muhanbit CEO, presenting at the Muhanbit TrustCall launch in Korea
TrustCall launch with channel partner Muhanbit in Korea
Steve Kang, KoolSpan Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Presenting at the Muhanbit TrustCall launch in Korea
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