TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Business Users on Samsung Mobile Devices

Because secure communications should be automatic

At KoolSpan, we ask the world “why would anybody ever opt to make an insecure call?” Well, the truth of the matter is that billions of people around the world “opt” to make insecure calls every day. Even if we understand that our regular calling and messaging on mobile phones are exposed to significant security risks due to the inherent insecurity of mobile networks, exposing our sensitive, confidential information to interception, capture, and exploitation by bad actors around the world, we nonetheless succumb to the path of least resistance. Too many of us automatically default to the native calling and messaging on our devices, despite recent recommendations from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advising us to use secure, end-to-end applications for mobile calling and messaging.

But what if we gave you the ability to make secure calls and send secure messages from your mobile phone seamlessly and transparently from your native call and messaging applications? You would never have to think about it. Whenever you place a call or send a message to a person with the same capability, these communications are automatically encrypted end-to-end. You would never again need to “opt” to make a secure call. It would just happen.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC). We now provide secure voice calling, messaging, and contacts from the default native applications on a Samsung mobile phone, when that phone is configured to offer these capabilities via the Samsung KNOX Configure cloud-based service (KCC). This is a ground-breaking paradigm shift in secure mobile communications. Now, with your organization using Samsung mobile phones configured with TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung, you can simply place calls and send messages and end-to-end encryption will be applied automatically. You don’t have to choose between security and ease of use. We give you both.

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