General TrustCall FAQ’s

What is TrustCall?

TrustCall is a mobile communications app that provides security and privacy by encrypting phone calls and text messages on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Based on KoolSpan’s patented technology, TrustCall provides FIPS 140-2 certified, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring meaningful communication is only accessible to the initiator and intended recipient and never left unencrypted.

Who is included in my TrustCall contacts?

All contacts that are part of your TrustGroups are included in your contacts. You can exchange calls and messages with all contacts included in your TrustGroups.

How can I add TrustCall contacts?

Contact your TrustCall Administrator to add contacts to your TrustGroup.

Using TrustCall, can I call others that don’t have TrustCall?

TrustCall is an end-to-end solution that requires both users to have TrustCall. Your friends and contacts can purchase TrustCall, and communicate with you and each other securely.

I just purchased a new phone. Can I re-register my existing TrustCall account/license on my new phone?

When purchasing a new phone, contact contact KoolSpan support for assistance in resetting the account.

Does TrustCall require a data connection?

Yes, TrustCall is an IP-Based solution that requires a data connection of any kind (2G or higher and Wi-Fi).

How can I improve TrustCall service in locations with poor network conditions?

In locations with poor network conditions, (very low 2G coverage or satellite network coverage), TrustCall can be configured to work in Low Bandwidth Mode.

Low Bandwidth Mode optimizes bandwidth consumption providing reliable communications, sometimes at the expense of the audio quality. When utilizing Low Bandwidth Mode, we recommend performing test sessions in the target 2G networks in order to prevent any odd behaviors related to specific 2G network issues.

Can Enterprises deploy TrustCall on-premise?

Yes. With TrustCall On-Prem, the TrustCall infrastructure is fully deployed on premise at the corporate organization or in a private cloud, creating a dedicated and completely isolated instance of the service.

Additionally, through the secure server APIs available, TrustCall can be fully integrated with existing corporate platforms and services including EMM/MDM, ERP, CRM systems, billing software and others.

Does TrustCall protect my phone from malware or hacking?

TrustCall secures mobile communications – rather than mobile devices. However, KoolSpan is working closely with several partners to integrate advanced solutions that will detect and mitigate vulnerabilities on mobile devices. Trustonic/Whitebox software protection is one such solution, and integration with TrustCall will allow detection of rooting, jail breaking, and software vulnerabilities like those revealed by Vault7.
KoolSpan continually evolves our defenses to offer customers best in class protection.

What devices does TrustCall support?

TrustCall is supported on iOS devices running iOS v.11.1 and higher and Android devices running Android v.5.0 and higher.

How do I invite my friends and family to sign up for TrustCall?

In TrustCall, you can invite new users via the plus button in the upper right corner. The invited user will receive an SMS invitation to sign up for a TrustCall account.

You may also share the URL with your friends and family to sign up for a TrustCall account.

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