Mobile Security: Providing the Base for Next Generation Healthcare

Ensuring Privacy and Security are Keys to Driving Better Patient Outcomes in an Increasingly Connected Healthcare Infrastructure

The healthcare industry is filled with sensitive information from the social security numbers of patients to electronic health records, including sensitive personal medical histories, pre-existing conditions, treatment plans and allergies.

The rise of connected devices in the healthcare space has built a bridge allowing unparalleled access and communication between clinicians, hospitals, and patients. Mobility allows for access to patient information, better collaboration and increased communication. But while the promise of such mobility is immense, the implementation of secure and effective mobile solutions is paramount to protect patients’ privacy.

With more than half of all physicians using tablets, the security of mobile devices in the healthcare industry has become a high priority. Four out five clinicians use mobile devices while working. While these devices are an effective way to access patient records, update records and share files, many of the devices being used are not secured.

Only 46 percent of hospitals have a security strategy to regulate the use of mobile devices, leaving the other 54 percent vulnerable to various types of cyber attacks and hacking.

In today’s technology-driven world, unprotected network-connected devices are easy prey for unauthorized hacking, voice and data eavesdropping, network infiltration and theft of proprietary assets and intellectual property.

Healthcare organizations face some of the most stringent security requirements regarding protecting patients’ privacy. If you are a healthcare provider or organization looking for security continuity across your entire communications and data infrastructure, including smartphones, iPhones, office network phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and servers, consider contacting the specialists at KoolSpan here or calling 240-880-4400 to learn more.

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