Can One Size Fit All for Secure Mobile Communications?

In recent years corporate demand for solutions protecting employee, partner and customer phone calls and messages has skyrocketed globally. Given the variety in size, industry, and nationality of the organizations, there is no single “one-size-fits-all” secure voice and messaging solution.

Where installation and management were once complex, TrustCall has evolved to meet corporate requirements, and solutions are now modular, flexible and quickly customizable; saving time and money, while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Specific Requirements and Requests Globally

Some of the requirements we’ve come across in various parts of the world include:

  • Government Organizations such as defense, law enforcement, intelligence, foreign affairs, treasury, tax authorities, and others require direct management of their communications system, user credentials, and encryption keys. In addition, they often require protection of and direct control over their communication metadata, such as call data records and more. In some cases, they require the constraint of providing services in enclosed networks, completely firewalled from the internet.
  • Corporations in industries including energy, natural resources, construction, manufacturing, industrial, technology, finance, and others require a secure voice and messaging solution that scales easily and integrates into their IT ecosystems such as MDM/EMM, ERP, CRM, HR and others.
  • Small and midsize businesses (SMB) require an affordable “plug and play” cloud-based secure voice and text messaging service. SMB users need an application that can be downloaded onto their smartphone from app stores. As SMBs grow, they need to be able to easily roll out the solution across new employees, partners, customers and others.
  • International business people require a solution that works seamlessly on their existing smartphones and can operate on the various kinds of networks they encounter globally, including WiFi, LTE, 4G, 3G, and even low bandwidth 2G networks. Another welcomed feature for international travelers is the ability to save money on international minutes by using TrustCall.

A separate word about international business travelers.  Whether they work for a large corporation or a small business, international travelers are regularly targeted for phone call and text message surveillance, whether by foreign governments, competitors, cyber criminals or hacktivists. As such, they need a solution that provides the highest levels of security and can operate globally.

When so Much is Different, What Remains the Same?

Perhaps it is simpler to start with the things that unite these fragmented user types. They all require crystal clear sound quality, an intuitive and easy user experience, and that it “just works” whether they are at home, in the office, or traveling. TrustCall delivers on all these basic requirements.

However, that’s where the simplicity ends. Beyond these similarities, these diverse user groups present a difficult mix of requirements. Some are more focused on ease of use, and communications security as a service (cloud-based) is important. Others have requirements for integration with their company IT ecosystem, while others still need to control not only the security of their calls and messages but also the associated metadata and call records.

Managing Fragmented User Requirements

In order to manage these fragmented scenarios, KoolSpan has designed and matured TrustCall into a “building-block catalog,” composed of pre-configured options where the customer can choose its preferences, in order to implement secure voice and text operatives while meeting their requirements in the shortest time and with optimized costs.

TrustCall System Options

Beginning with the SYSTEM, three solutions are available:

  • TrustCall Global Service – a cloud service directly managed by KoolSpan
  • TrustCall On-Prem – a solution installed on customer premise or a private cloud delivering direct control of the service components and the ability to integrate them into the company’s IT environment, such as MDM/EMM, ERP, CRM, Provisioning, Directory or other systems
  • TrustCall Hybrid – a hybrid of the first two options, for corporations requiring control of databases storing keys and user’s credentials, while not managing the network servers necessary for TrustCall

All solutions provide complete scalability as the number of users increase during the life of the service.

TrustCall Authentication and Encryption Secure Element

TrustCall offers two options for authentication and encryption based on user preference:

  • Native Secure Element – the sensible data is stored in the native secure element embedded on all mobile smartphones, thereby avoiding the logistic processes and costs of managing dedicated hardware
  • TrustCall microSD – TrustCall is compatible with GoTrust’s microSD card (on Android devices that support microSD); providing a microSD-based FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL5+ validated secure element for authentication and encryption

TrustCall Applications

Two options for the APPLICATION:

  • App Stores – quick plug and play TrustCall, available for download from the common application stores including Google Play and iTunes
  • MDM/EMM – a customized version of TrustCall, installed on devices provisioned through corporate MDM/EMM

TrustCall Support and Training

And finally three options for support and training:

  • Support is provided during installation, configuration, and management of service infrastructure for 24/7-tier 3 customer support service.
  • Basic support and full training for your IT department, providing independence in managing the service.
  • Work with one of our many experienced channel partners. Our partners include service providers, systems integrators, and resellers. To work with a partner in a particular region of the world, please let us know and we will provide you with an introduction. Additionally, to work with a company that is not yet a KoolSpan TrustCall partner, please let us know and we’ll be happy to work together with them.

Every customer selects the solution tailored to their specific needs and requirements. This approach provides a flexible means for our partners and customers to achieve security. KoolSpan is proud of this innovative and, we think – unique – approach to customer demand in the secure mobile communications market.