3 New Ways to Protect Your Cell Phone From Being Hacked

As talk and text phones become a thing of the past, and mobile devices resemble personal computers, security on your mobile device is vital in protecting your personal and professional information from hackers. We’ve all heard of celebrity photos and text messages being hacked and leaked to the public. Once a hacker has infiltrated your device they can access all the data you stored including phone calls, text messages, photos, and personal or business data. Here are three ways to protect your cell phone from mobile hackers:

1. Be Wary of Downloads: When you are on your personal computer you avoid clicking on pop-up ads and suspicious emails. To maintain security on your mobile device you need to practice the same precautions. Install virus protection on your mobile device and use it to scan for viruses and malware.

The most important download to be concerned with is where and how you download apps. Some of your favorite apps and games might be free, but to ensure mobile phone security you want to only download these from trusted secure sources. Do not click on unsolicited links offering free downloads because this may leave you vulnerable to malware.

2. Wireless Safety: Think of protecting your mobile device as you would your PC or laptop at home. Avoid using public unsecured WiFi signals available at many coffee shops, restaurants, or even schools (if possible). Having an unsecured signal can affect the security on your mobile device by leaving you more vulnerable to hackers. Also, make sure you turn your wireless Bluetooth off when not in use.

Another simple way to ensure security on your mobile device is to make any operating system updates offered as these include fixes and offer enhanced security.

3. Physical Protection: The simplest way for a person to hack your mobile device is when you leave it unattended. Put a password to maintain security on your device. Make the password difficult, and change it often. If you should lose your phone – do not delay in contacting your service provider. They can possibly place a temporary suspension on your plan so if someone else has possession of it they will not be able to easily log in and view your personal information.

In addition to adding physical security to your mobile device with passwords, you can protect your cell phone and decrease hacking by regularly switching out your SIM card. The service provider can identify the user by the SIM card, but this can take up to several months to register on their system. Updating the SIM card can reduce your chances of being targeted by hackers.

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