Protect Your Organization Against Pegasus and other Forms of Spyware

Pegasus is making headlines again, this time as having been used to compromise the phones of activists, journalists, and politicians around the world.

Pegasus is sophisticated spyware developed by NSO Group, that, when downloaded and installed on a mobile smartphone, turns it into a mobile surveillance device, monitoring personal data, calls, texts, emails, contacts and calendars and more.

While intended to be used only on suspected terrorists and criminals recent reports indicate it is being used to target others and underscore further the importance that mobile communications are secured.

Originally, Pegasus spyware was suspected to be only sent through a text message containing a provocative message along with a link that when clicked would download and install on the device. In recent times, Pegasus infections are  also believed to be achieved through ‘zero-click’ attacks, basically without the phone owner taking any actions. Once installed, Pegasus seizes control of the mobile device’s operating system and gains access to its resources including speakerphone, microphone, address book, files, message folders, payment and authentication data and other sensitive information.

TrustCall by KoolSpan is the most effective weapon against Pegasus

TrustCall by KoolSpan, designed to military and government standards and currently adopted by US and other governments protects the mobile communications of militaries, intelligence organizations, police forces and others around the world. Unlike other solutions, TrustCall provides sophisticated capabilities to ensure the host device is safe and not compromised. Among other protective provisions, TrustCall can detect in real-time whether the device is currently rooted or jailbroken, is running malware or spyware, and if malicious actions attempt to attack TrustCall software, for example by trying to disable its protection mechanisms.

Bottom line, TrustCall represents the most effective countermeasure against Pegasus and similar malicious spyware.

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