How to Recognize the Latest Phone Scams

With the rise of mobile phone technology, it has become inevitable to one day have to deal with being in the middle of sticky situation. Mobile phone scams can come in a variety of forms, but the one to be most aware of are those posing as a telemarketer.  In order to recognize what may lead into a scam, here is a checklist to assure the best cell phone security.

  • Be sure to ask the right questions.  A telemarketer is required by law to inform you that it is a sales call, the name of the seller attempting to get your business, and what they’re selling. If the person is hesitant about giving you his/her information, stumbling over words, or attempting to distract you from what you originally asked, it is probably not legitimate and you should hang up immediately. Cell phone security protocols can sometimes be a little difficult to adhere to, but this is a simple solution.
  • Be aware of fine print. If the stipulations sound suspicious or you’re unsure of what you’re actually signing up for, be wary. Cell phone security may be a little tricky, but is always manageable. It is easy to get drawn in, so it’s important to know everything about the product you are potentially interested in purchasing. Be sure to ask if there are any hidden fees. If something is advertised as free, it should be just that—free.
  • Do not give out sensitive information. Most scammers are familiar with cell phone security, so it’s important to make sure you are, as well. If asked to text your Social Security number or to “confirm” your billing information during a call, it is likely they are attempting to backdoor you into something or to steal your identity. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the conversation, it is likely you have a good reason to feel that way.
  • Know the laws and utilize them. If a telemarketer is blatantly breaking the law, they are not interested in your well-being and they should not be trusted. If you do not want a business to call you back and you say so, it is illegal for them to contact you again. Also, laws only permit telemarketers to call between the times of 8:00AM and 9:00PM. If you feel you are unsure of how to keep yourself safe, you can add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Cell phone security is to be taken seriously, so do all that you can to protect yourself against the latest scams.

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