Secure Calls without Compromising on Performance or Quality

Securing phone calls has become increasingly integral to business communications. Attacks on mobile communications including phone calls and text messages are growing, as criminals, hackers and governments globally intercept calls and messages easily via a variety of network-based attacks. The attackers use stingrays/IMSI catchers to intercept calls and text messages as they travel between cellphones and cell towers. And, more widespread, they use capabilities designed into global telecommunications networks based on Signaling System 7 (SS7) and Diameter to redirect, listen to, and record calls and messages.

Leaving communications at risk is not an option. Attackers target people and companies of all sizes and industries: International business people, high net worth families, government employees, business executives, lawyers, finance, R&D, and more.

The Tradeoff: Secure Calls for Performance

Frequently, there is a tradeoff on usability, quality and performance when implementing security. Many applications offer secure calls, however few of those applications are actually used to make secure calls because of the lack of sound quality – if you can’t hear the person on the other end, you will resort to a regular, insecure phone call.

Secure Calls without the Tradeoff

With TrustCall, there is no tradeoff. Secure calls do not impact performance or quality. In fact, with HD audio, TrustCall secure calls provide excellent sound quality that is superior to regular mobile calls.

One of our customers, a Fortune 500 engineering company provided the following feedback:

“We used TrustCall while in Morocco and Uganda. NO ISSUES. Call clarity was if I was physically sitting next to him. No dropped calls, no latency, and best of all did not have to use unencrypted communications to talk about sensitive information.”

The F500 company had implemented a different solution prior to TrustCall. The quality was so poor though that they abandoned the solution and resorted to insecure calls. A secure call is worthless if the parties on the call cannot hear each other clearly.

We’re here to help you choose the right secure call and messaging solution for your organization, one that just works, and everyone loves to use. For more information, or a democontact KoolSpan.

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