Secure Messaging Apps: Are You Really Protected?

In the past year, a total of 432 million personal accounts were hacked in the United States alone. That is the equivalent of nearly half of all American adults. So what is everyone doing to combat this very real threat to consumer privacy and information?

In an effort to keep their correspondence on lockdown, many are turning to messaging apps assuming they are secure. However, while these apps claim to be secure, the definition of secure seems to be quite flexible.

For example, Snapchat, the popular messaging app that promises to delete every photo and video message immediately after being viewed, recently came under fire when the Federal Trade Commission investigated the company, claiming that the allegedly erased messages could actually be saved.

It is increasingly clear that the only way to effectively secure private messaging is to individually secure at the source. KoolSpan’s TrustCall is a powerful, easy-to-deploy secure calling and text messaging application that ensures your calls and messages are encrypted and secure end-to-end. TrustCall’s security strength and operational flexibility means you can exchange messages individually or to a group anywhere. You can be assured of end-to-end security from the originating smartphone, through the network, to the destination device – regardless of any vulnerability in the underlying networks.

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