TrustChip Mobile Encryption Engine

The physical or virtual core of KoolSpan Communication Encryption Solutions.

KoolSpan’s patented TrustChip mobile encryption engine, at the core of all KoolSpan encryption solutions, is a physical or virtual cryptographic device that authenticates and secures communications. TrustChip is a self-contained, software or hardware encryption engine that easily transforms any standard smartphone or network connected device into a secure communication device. It delivers industry leading mobile device security with all-in-one key management, authentication and encryption.

Software and Hardware Mobile Encryption Engines

To ensure ease of deployment and compatibility across all devices, KoolSpan provides two types of TrustChips, TrustChip Software and TrustChip Hardware. The versatility and flexibility provided by software and hardware mobile encryption engines ensures compatibility with all devices,  enabling a secure device management policy that can easily be implemented.

TrustChip Software

TrustChip Software is a virtual mobile encryption engine run from Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a secure area inside the application processor of the mobile device. TrustChip Software utilizes the native hardware of the mobile device, enabling simple deployment and compatibility across devices and platforms since no additional hardware is required.

TrustChip Hardware

TrustChip Hardware is designed around an industry-standard, plug-in, microSD chip. TrustChip Hardware can be installed across multiple operating systems, platforms, applications, networks or connected devices.

TrustChip Encryption Engines are Interoperable

KoolSpan products using TrustChip Software and TrustChip Hardware are interoperable and can be used together across a business, ensuring ease of use and flexibility. TrustChip Software or Hardware can be easily installed into any component of your information and mobile infrastructure, providing unified secure communication with instant compatibility across multiple platforms.


FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Validation Encryption


Peer-to-Peer Authentication

Doesn't Affect Battery Life

How it Works

KoolSpan’s TrustChip delivers end-to-end security for mobiles phones and devices – from the originating device, through the network, to the destination device. TrustChip creates a two-way secure tunnel that encrypts and mutually authenticates traffic regardless of vulnerabilities in underlying networks.

TrustChip Security

TrustChip is hardened with a 32-bit ARM co-processor and is a component of an overall FIPS 140-2 validated security solution.

Encryption Supported AES-GCM, 256 bit
Storage Capacity 2GB unprotected storage. Additional protected storage available to applications
Compatibility (Hardware) Any standard microSD controller that supports flash memory
Compatibility (Software) Any smartphone equipped with Trustonic TEE environment
Certifications Linux and embedded OSes via Java 2 SE and C/C++ libraries

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