Encrypt your Calls and Text Messaging on Android and iPhone with a MicroSD TrustChip


FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption


Peer-to-Peer Authentication

Doesn't Affect Battery Life

Secure your mobile phone calls and text messages with a microSD encryption solution

TrustChip is a tamper-resistant, 32-bit, crypto ARM co-processor, providing 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. A highly specialized mobile device security module, TrustChip is a component of an overall FIPS 140-2 validated solution.

The TrustChip fits into any standard microSD port on Android mobile phones. The TrustChip can be used on iPhones using a sleeve with a microSD memory slot.

TrustChip is insulated from both the operating system and the connected devices, ensuring that communication security is always safeguarded.

encrypted messages
TrustCall supported across iOS and Android

TrustChip and TrustCall

TrustChip interacts with the TrustCall app, downloadable from app stores including Google Play and iTunes. Phone calls and text messages can easily be made and sent using the TrustCall app, with familiar interface and call logs.


TrustChip Features

Encryption Supported AES-GCM, 256 bit
Storage Capacity 2GB unprotected storage available to applications
Compatibility (Hardware) Any standard microSD controller that supports flash memory
Compatibility (TrustAPI) Microsoft Windows OS via Java 2 SE libraries Apple MacOS X and iOS via Objective C libraries Linux and embedded OSes via Java 2 SE and C/C++ libraries
Certifications FIPS 140-2 validated

KoolSpan’s products include TrustCall Global Service and TrustCall DIRECT; both can be implemented with a TrustChip microSD or with a mobile encryption engine not requiring additional hardware components.

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