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KoolSpan is committed to a global channel program

Partner with KoolSpan to Deliver Dome to your Customers


Drive Growth and Profitability


Generate Recurring Subscription Revenue


Satisfy Growing Demand for Critical Cybersecurity Technology


Differentiate your Business by Delivering an Award-Winning Solution

Protect your customers against the growing threat
of mobile call and message eavesdropping with
the leading secure communications solution.

KoolSpan Partner Program enables resellers and service
providers to offer security solutions to their customers globally.


  • Sell TrustCall Solutions to your customers

  • Provide professional services and Support

Service Providers

  • Stand up your own TrustCall platform to sell managed services to your customers

  • Integrate TrustCall with your internal systems via robust set of APIs, including internal provisioning and billing systems, customer care ticketing and CRM such as Amdocs and Salesforce

Rational Point has been in the secured communication business for many years, using and offering our clients a large variety of products, from armored phones to encrypting applications. We got rid of all of them when we discovered Dome Messenger.

We have found that Dome Messenger has a superior Quality of Service, even in low bandwidth environments, which is a very common situation in our client’s operative conditions. We find it easy to deploy and for our customers is very easy to use. It works great in most of the device and OS in our market, which is very important for our clients. The new feature that detects any signs of malware infection in the device blocking Dome Messenger and deleting its files makes it a great tool, specially nowadays, considering how spread the use of malware such as Pegasus is in our region. We strongly believe it’s the best secure communication solution in the market today.”

Fabio Alvino, CEO, Rational Point


In today’s world, the need of a secure and cryptographed communication for business, legal, finance and intelligence is paramount. The quality of Dome Messenger calls and messages cannot be compared with other solutions in the market.

Miguel Lowndes Dale, CEO, Valora Consult (MLDBR)


Using KoolSpan, we can offer our customers advanced cyber security services in the mobile world. We can provide our customers with end-to-end encrypted and secure communications through KoolSpan, including secure voice calls and secure messaging.

Dror Avraham and Haki Hershkovitz, Account Manager, TMG


“Working with KoolSpan over the years has helped us to offer our customers unique tools. We are pleased to witness the level of collaboration, commitment, and passion of their entire team. It is wonderful to be one of their partners and to know that the KoolSpan team is willing to support us in generating new business and also in maintaining the projects we close together.”

“Trabajar con KoolSpan durante todos estos años nos ha ayudado a ofrecer a nuestros clientes herramientas únicas. Nos complace ser testigos del nivel de colaboración, compromiso y pasión de todo su equipo. Es maravilloso ser uno de sus partners y saber que el equipo de KoolSpan está dispuesto a apoyarnos en la generación de negocios nuevos y también en el mantenimiento de proyectos que cerramos en conjunto.”

Itzel Ramos, Business Builder, Beyond Technology


KoolSpan is dedicated to supporting our channel partners.

  • Lead generation

  • Joint marketing initiatives

  • Events and tradeshows

  • Training and ongoing support

  • Multilanguage campaigns and collateral

  • And more

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