TrustCall Native Enterprise

Secure every call and message across your organization automatically.

Now available on qualified Samsung phones, including the new Galaxy S9!



Policy Enforcement


Automated, Seamless Encryption


Enterprise Integration


Security by Default

Secure every internal call and text across your organization with end-to-end encryption, automatically and seamlessly. Invite clients, partners, contractors, and others to communicate securely with your organization.
TrustCall Native Enterprise is configured and rolled out across every mobile phone in your organization

  • Every employee has TrustCall

  • When one employee calls or texts another, the call or text is automatically, seamlessly encrypted end-to-end, every single time

The Only Secure Communications Solution Available Enforcing Policy

TrustCall Native Enterprise is disrupting secure communications within the enterprise. For the first time, secure communications are integrated with mainstream phones, providing the coexistence of security and mainstream communications.
Without any change in user behavior, every single call and text message across the organization is encrypted.

  • Policy Enforcement

  • Management

  • Automated Provisioning

  • Integrated into IT Ecosystem

  • Prepopulated user groups based on Active Directory

Dedicated On-Premise Infrastructure and Management Console

TrustCall Native Enterprise Solves Challenges Enterprises Experience with Deploying Secure Communications

Business Challenge

  • Policy Enforcement
    How can we effectively push secure communications policy across the organization?
  • User Inertia
    Historically, secure communications required a change to human behavior. How can we eliminate the change so that no user training is required?
  • User Error
    Even people who periodically place secure calls oftentimes forget to do so and call regularly. Human error is a pervasive risk. How can we eliminate user error?
  • Poor User Experience
    Most secure calling solutions have a terrible user experience. Calls are frequently dropped, have latency or are difficult to hear. How can we provide secure calls with high-quality audio?

TrustCall Native Enterprise Solution

  • TrustCall Native Enterprise is managed, deployed and configured across all smartphones by IT. All enterprise communications are secured by default.
  • TrustCall Native Enterprise is integrated with the phone’s native dialer and messenger, i.e. the regular green button someone uses to make calls every time they pick up their phone. TrustCall is encrypted end-to-end with no change in user experience or behavior.
  • TrustCall Native Enterprise provides HD audio, ensuring high-performance, high-quality voice on every call, it even sounds better than a regular phone call.

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