TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung Announced at SDC 2017

With the availability of TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung, enterprise calls and messages are secure

Bethesda, Maryland and San Francisco, California, Oct 18, 2017 – KoolSpan, the leading provider of encrypted secure voice and messaging solutions for mobile phones, today announced the launch of TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung used by enterprise organizations. The solution is showcased at the Samsung Developers Conference 2017 in the Samsung Business Services (SBS) showcase, available by invitation to strategic partners.

Attacks on mobile communications have increased globally as criminals, hackers and governments routinely intercept phone calls and text messages by exploiting systemic vulnerabilities in mobile internetworking protocols. To address this widespread surveillance, US Government organizations including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as well as leading cybersecurity experts around the world are recommending end-to-end (E2E) encryption for both professional and personal calls and messages.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recommends in their Study on Mobile Device Security, “Ensure devices use end-to-end encryption for all communications paths.” It continues, “Due to the nature of carrier networks no voice or data should depend solely on the network for confidentiality or integrity protection.”

With TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung, mobile business users’ calls and messages gain added security — automatically and transparently. TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung are configured via the Samsung KNOX Configure cloud-based service (KCC). Previously, secure call and messaging solutions forced users to make a choice – whether to call and text securely, or use their phone’s native call and messaging capabilities. TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung automatically enables government organizations and businesses to have greater peace of mind that their communications are secured worldwide.

In addition, TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung provides high fidelity audio, and robust, resilient performance globally.

“With TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung, government personnel and business people can rely on their smartphones to consistently select a path to greater security, because every call and message is automatically encrypted end-to-end,” said Julie Holdren, KoolSpan Chief Product Officer. “No one should have to choose between a secure call and a convenient call because with TrustCall people get both security and convenience.”

The Beta version of Native Secure Communication for Samsung by TrustCall is available today and on display at SDC in KoolSpan’s booth #204. General Availability is scheduled for February 2018.

About KoolSpan

KoolSpan is the leading provider of robust, cross-platform, end-to-end communication security on mobile devices. KoolSpan offers multiple encryption solutions supporting Android and iPhone smartphones. KoolSpan’s security and privacy solutions address the growing threat of loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. Customers include government organizations and enterprises in over 60 countries worldwide. KoolSpan is FIPS 140-2 validated and has 33 issued patents with dozens more pending. KoolSpan is a privately held and based in Bethesda, Md.

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