Secure your calls and text messages with end-to-end encryption

Encrypted Calls

Talk Securely, Anytime, Anywhere

Talk to your colleagues, business partners, family and friends securely with end-to-end encryption – ensuring no one can hack into or eavesdrop on your calls. With HD audio, your calls are crystal clear, so while no outsider can hear what you’re saying, participants in the call can hear each other perfectly. Calls are available across the globe (even in remote locations with low-bandwidth).

Encrypted Messages

Text Easily and Securely

Send messages securely, whether one-on-one or to collaborate in groups – about trade secrets, intellectual property, business strategies, financial data, customer data or any other confidential information. With a familiar, easy-to-use interface, share information without concern that your messages will be intercepted by competitors, hackers or governments.

Dedicated On-Premise Infrastructure and Management Console

Management Console

Manage your Organization’s Secure Communications Simply, Remotely

A Management Console that integrates into your corporate IT environment via APIs enables you to manage the administrative functions of your organization’s secure communications in a scalable and efficient way.

  • Provision and configure employee TrustCall accounts

  • Generate reports, enabling oversight and management

  • Lock access to TrustCall on a phone (in case of loss)

  • Remotely wipe TrustCall from a phone (if a phone is stolen or an employee leaves the organization, taking their phone with them)

*Access to the Management Console is available with TrustCall Hybrid and TrustCall On-Prem.

Management APIs

Integrate TrustCall with Enterprise Business Systems

Seamlessly integrate TrustCall secure calls and messaging with your organizations’ existing core systems including EMM/MDM, ERP, SAP, CRM systems and others, via a robust set of APIs.

Build on your existing infrastructure by merging secure communications with processes already in place as well as extending your mobile assets.

*APIs are available with TrustCall Hybrid and TrustCall On-Prem.

APIs integrating TrustCall secure calls and messages with internal business systems
secure calls between mobile and desktop phones

Mobile-to-Desktop Calls

Call Office Phones Securely

Make secure calls between mobile and desktop phones.

* Mobile-to-Desktop Calls are available with TrustCall On-Prem and TrustCall Hybrid.

Control of Metadata

Control of Metadata and Transparency of Data Retention Policy

Ensure your organizations privacy. At KoolSpan, we collect the minimum metadata required to manage and improve the quality of the TrustCall Global Service, and all metadata is deleted consistent with KoolSpan’s privacy policy.

With TrustCall On-Prem, KoolSpan has no access to metadata and you have full control of both data and metadata.

control metadata
customer support and training

Customer Training and Support

24-7 Support

TrustCall is always up and running, with someone available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Compatibility with MDM

Push TrustCall across your Organization via MDM/EMM

Push the TrustCall app to employees via MDM/EMM, streamlining download across an organization, as well as providing management of the application via MDM/EMM.

Compatible with MDM
TrustCall microSD

TrustCall microSD

Hardware microSD Card Compatibility

TrustCall is compatible with GoTrust’s microSD card; providing secure calls and messaging using a microSD-based FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL5+ validated secure element for authentication and encryption

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