Veterans Day: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of…Privacy

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KoolSpan recently participated in Nasdaq’s celebration of Veteran’s day, ringing the closing bell together with other veteran entrepreneurs.

Every year Veterans’ Day serves as a reminder to many of us to contemplate the military service of millions of men and women across our great land who protect our values, freedom and way of life.

Regardless of branch of service, our military is comprised of the best of America. Over the decades, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines sacrificed time with family, missing holidays and spending long periods of time far from home, giving up creature comforts we take for granted, and sacrificing wealth accumulation. On top of these, many have been injured physically or mentally or paid the ultimate price. Our veterans serve in pursuit of a higher calling – patriotism and service to the nation in protection of our freedom.

Privacy as the Foundation of Freedom

The values and liberties that we hold dear and must protect, including freedom of speech, religion, assembly and others are encapsulated in the Bill of Rights. We believe that these freedoms rest upon a foundation of another liberty, privacy, without which they would crumble. History has demonstrated again and again that when people believe that their conversations are monitored, whether in their personal or business conversations, they change how they communicate, hold back and refrain from sharing their thoughts and feelings accurately. Without privacy, we no longer truly have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, a free press or many other sacred liberties.

“We believe that these freedoms rest upon a foundation of another liberty, privacy, without which they would crumble”

From their time in uniform veterans know that communications security is essential to mission success. They know that to win in war that strategies, plans and tactics must be communicated using secure means. Veterans bring this awareness to the private sector, that in this age of communications surveillance by hackers of all sorts, our companies should take precautions to protect the communication of business strategies, tactics, intellectual property, financial data, customer information and other sensitive data.

At KoolSpan we are proud to work with many veterans and others to build solutions that protect the privacy and security of mobile phone calls and text messages. Together we protect the communications of government organizations, businesses and people around the world.

Until that day when we get to ring the bell in celebration of our IPO, doing so in honor of veterans is something we are honored and thrilled to do. We are humbled to be included in this select group of Veteran run companies and along with our friends at NASDAQ to celebrate and honor our veterans.

Veterans at Nasdaq for closing bell

Photography by Kelsey Ayres / Nasdaq, Inc.