KoolSpan U: Weekly Word Wednesday – Biometrics

Many of us have seen fingerprint and eye scanners used in futuristic movies as a form of security, but now the examination of biological data from unique traits like your heartbeat to your fingerprints is the next wave of security.

Known as biometrics, the approach statistically analyzes human body characteristics and various biological data for security authentication purposes. For example, the latest version of the iPhone features a TouchID button, which allows the owner to gain access to their locked phone simply by pressing their finger on the button. In any biometric device, one could expect to find the following components:

  • A reader or scanning device
  • Software that converts the data received into usable digital data and also compares match points, which are specific points of data that can be compared with other values in the database
  • A database that stores the biometric data for future comparisons

Due to the great importance of keeping such biometric data safe and secure, the software converting the data will generally encrypt the data as well. This helps to prevent unauthorized access from being obtained and ultimately to prevent identity theft. Koolspan’s TrustChip encodes all of the data that passes through a mobile device, and can be crucial in protecting a user’s biometric data and identity with as this new security technology becomes widely adopted by the mobile device and security industry.

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