KoolSpan U: Weekly Word Wednesday – Cyber Ecosystem

An ecosystem consists of all the living things on a planet and how they interact with each other. According to the Department of Homeland Security, cyber ecosystems are similar to natural ecosystems in that they are comprised of “a variety of diverse participants” such as “private firms, nonprofits, governments, individuals, processes and cyber devices that interact for multiple purposes.”

Among other things, the ideas behind creating and maintaining a healthy cyber ecosystem involve a common understanding of the risks in information and communication technology, routine practice and standards regarding security and privacy and validation of identity. Cyber ecosystems of the future will be modeled around concepts like “neighborhood watch” and the human immune system; therefore, instead of simply fighting off each cyber attack, the cyber system will learn and grow from each occurrence. Meanwhile, the cyber ecosystem will allow users to build trust with other users, just as real people do in our own ecosystems.

Koolspan’s TrustGroups can be seen as miniature versions of this futuristic cyber ecosystem. Members of a TrustGroup can establish a secure, mutually-authenticated connection where there exists a validated trust between each of the members. TrustGroup’s enable you to set up unique identity validation methods and policies that maximize the security and trust within the group, which is exactly what the cyber ecosystem will do in the future. To learn more, visit our TrustCall page today.

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