KoolSpan U: Inaugural Weekly Word Wednesday Blog Series

Government agencies and major corporations, both of which have an inherent cyber security risk, have been immersed in the mobile security industry for years, especially the technical terms and jargon. However, with the revelation of the NSA scandal and now the news Verizon Wireless customers getting hacked through indoor cell boosters  cyber security has been democratized and now top-of-mind for just about everyone.

For those of you seeking out the right security solutions in today’s environment, the technical jargon can be overwhelming.  In an effort to help you better understand the insider baseball/cybersecurity talk, KoolSpan is launching a week blog series, “Word Wednesdays,” in which we’ll help define the maze of acronyms and technical tongue twisters in our industry.

FIPS or Federal Information Processing Standards

FIPS or Federal Information Processing Standards, are a collection of guidelines that are designed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to outline document processing, encryption algorithms and other information technology requirements for use within non-military government agencies and among government contractors and vendors who work with the agencies. FIPS are made so that all federal government and agencies adhere to the same guidelines regarding security and communication.

The KoolSpan application programming interface (API) is implemented in accordance with FIPS 140-2 standards, which means that it satisfies security requirements for cryptographic modules used within a security system that protect sensitive information or protect information within computer and telecommunications systems.

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