KoolSpan U: Weekly Word Wednesday – IP Spoofing

It is not unusual these days to receive an email from a friend or family member with a strange subject line and embedded link, which has also been sent to hundreds of the sender’s contacts. This often occurs when the sender’s computer has been compromised by a hijacker using the IP spoofing technique. This technique, also known as host file hijacking, is a way for cyber criminals to obtain sensitive information or even gain access to computer and network resources.


By obtaining the IP address of an authentic host, a hijacker is able to create fraudulent websites and alter data included in packets used to send files. These packets contain the location that information is sent to and from, enabling the hijacker to replace the source of the file with the legitimate host name and address he previously obtained. As a result, users are tricked into thinking they are viewing information from a trusted source, when in fact they have unknowingly fallen right into the hijacker’s trap.

As mobile internet use increases, mobile device users can minimize the risk of these types of attacks with hardware security from Koolspan’s TrustChip, which enables secure, encrypted communication. Koolspan has also established TrustGroups so that users are able to communicate across large networks and organizations. IP spoofing can be an extremely personal and professional problem today, so protection should take the front seat for mobile users.

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