KoolSpan U: Weekly Word Wednesday – Private branch exchange (PBX)

In traditional telephony (plain old telephone service [POTS]), the private branch exchange was a device for routing phone calls in a local office, and forwarding phone calls to non-local destinations outside of the office network. Today, many businesses are also adopting Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP)* networks that allow users to make calls over the internet. However, the new VoIP offerings are many times referred to as a PBX, since both serve the same end purpose for call connections. For enterprises looking to secure their PBX systems, Koolspan’s TrustBridge technology provides protected voice communications.

Koolspan’s TrustBridge technology allows businesses to secure their PBX systems by plugging the company’s proprietary TrustChip into a TrustServer, which is connected to the PBX via standard VoIP protocols. With the TrustServer connected to the PBX, calls are then encrypted as they leave and enter the system. When a TrustCall® is placed on a mobile device, the secure voice data is routed through the TrustRelay® server, which then sends the voice data and call notification through TrustBridge, which encrypts the information to the PBX. The secure, encrypted call then reaches the enterprise desk phone. The enterprise desk phone also sends out encrypted TrustBridge calls through the same process. Click here to learn more about Koolspan’s enterprise phone products.