KoolSpan U: Weekly Word Wednesday – Polymorphic Malware

Yet another form of malicious software made to release viruses, worms, and other harmful programs into vulnerable devices, polymorphic malware can be extremely harmful and destructive. This software harms devices by morphing its code and signature, making it is difficult for anti-malware programs to detect. And despite the constant code changing, the software will generally continue to conduct the same tasks its original code was intended for, whether that be through a keylogger, rootkit or some other form of malware, successfully gathering private information and damaging your device.

Because every change to the code makes polymorphic malware seem like a brand new program, anti-malware software which remembers old viruses and worms becomes useless. To avoid an attack, users should ensure that they maintain multiple blocking and detection programs, while simultaneously using hardware data security hardware such as Koolspan’s TrustChip. Applying diverse methods of hardware and software protection can help keep you and your devices more secure as malware continues to evolve.

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