Why Do Spies & Criminals Despise KoolSpan’s TrustChip?

Spies and criminals love cell phone spy software.  It enables them to pry into your personal affairs, track your every move, record your calls, even steal precious business secrets.
Of course, if you don’t want any of these things to happen, welcome to the club. Now protect yourself.

Spies and criminals cringe when they hear about smartphone security products like TrustChip because it stops them dead in their tracks. These features include:

  • Secure voice calls – with minimal battery drain, low latency and superior call quality.
  • Hardware-driven encryption for encrypted voice calls.
  • Operating system independent and remotely manageable
  • Rapid transfer of security credentials via the phone’s hardware.

Fact is, the increasing use of mobile devices such as Smartphones within a business enterprise, requires superior security. Spies want your information. Without protection, they can take it right off your cell phone, even without your knowledge.

Cell phone spy software, which can be easily downloaded from the Internet and installed on just about any cell phone in minutes, is nearly undetectable by the user. Once installed, the “spy” can easily uncover complete usage details of the compromised device — what calls were made, when, for how long. The spy software can access every contact’s personal details that are in the phone. Every call made to the compromised cell phone is logged.  The spy software can even easily use Google Maps to determine the location of the user – or a particular call – in real-time. With some, even call conversations can be accessed or the microphone itself can be accessed to listen in on what is happening around you at any given moment!

Odds are high – you want to protect yourself from such spies. One way to protect your privacy is with the TrustChip. If you are a business or government agency providing cell phones to staff, then protection of your devices from spying is critical.

In most states it is illegal to monitor someone’s cell phone conversations without their consent. The problem, of course, is that this has not stopped spying. This is due in large part to the increasing importance of mobile phones and the simultaneous increased value of the information they contain.

Unfortunately, the problem of cell phone spying isn’t only related to business. Oftentimes, it’s personal. Increasingly, cell phone spying is being used by stalkers, by abusers seeking to track and control their victims, such as in abusive domestic relationships, or by those caught up in particularly nasty divorce battles.

Protect your rights and protect yourself and your business from cell phone spying.  Contact us or call 240-880-4400 to find out more information about TrustChip.

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