6 Tips for Securing Wi-Fi During Summer Vacation

This summer, 176 million Americans will leave their worries behind and hit the road for a much-needed summer retreat. What won’t be left in the dust? Wi-Fi.

In a recent report, nearly one third of leisure traveler respondents and more than two thirds of business traveler respondents said that they would not return to a hotel that had poor Wi-Fi service. However, while travelers’ main concerns are often related to the reliability and cost of Wi-Fi, they often don’t consider how secure the Wi-Fi is in their new destination.

Wherever you choose to go this summer, keep these tips in mind for securing Wi-Fi, to stay safe online during your time away from home and in the public Wi-Fi realm:

  1. Use strong passwords – Don’t use the same password for everything, and don’t make them something easy to guess. A combination of letters (both capital and lowercase), numbers, and symbols is best to keep your information safe.

  2. Avoid logging in – Try to stay away from websites where you have to log in to access information, as your personal history and any data entered into that site is vulnerable.

  3. Use the phone network – Either use a personal, secured mobile hotspot on your phone or the cellular connection to avoid the use of public Wi-Fi.

  4. Disable autofill – This feature may be helpful, but if your device is stolen or hacked, it gives criminals access to all of your data without even trying.

  5. Use secure Wi-Fi – Don’t log into unsecured Wi-Fi. Use a personal hotspot or a secured Wi-Fi connection whenever possible.

  6. Don’t enter sensitive data – Logging onto a mobile banking site may be convenient, but if you are on unsecured Wi-Fi, you could be giving hackers access to your bank account. If you have to enter your banking or credit card information, make sure that you are on a secure (https) website.

However if you or your organization is looking for guaranteed security when using public Wifi during your summer travels and on a daily basis, it’s worth considering Koolspan’s TrustCall. The TrustChip technology delivers hardware or software based end-to-end security for mobile phones and devices – working as a two-way secure tunnel that encrypts and mutually authenticates traffic regardless of vulnerabilities in underlying networks on the device. This method is safer than solely software-focused encryption services that scatter encryption outside of the device. To learn more, contact KoolSpan or call 240-880-4400.


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