Because Your Business is None of Their Business

Talk securely anytime, anywhere.

Protect your calls, messages, and files with KoolSpan’s end-to-end encryption

KoolSpan Dome extends the boundaries of your secure network

Stay connected with your colleagues and partners, while your communications and data remain protected from threats and cyber attacks

Tailored for Government, Military, and Enterprise

Consumer-based products are not focused on security. They are designed for ease of use but compromise on privacy.

Your metadata is their business

Government, Military and Enterprise solutions are designed for security, reliability, ease of use, and complete control on privacy.

Your metadata is your business

How Are My Communications Protected?

In an always-connected world there’s an ever-increasing need to protect users and corporate sensitive data.

KoolSpan fortifies its services and tools against cyber attacks.

APIs integrating TrustCall secure calls and messages with internal business systems

Secure calls, messages, and file sharing between users

Military-grade platform with end-to-end encryption

On-premise private infrastructure for enclosed environments

KoolSpan’s Core Principles

We believe that our freedom rests on the foundations of liberty and privacy, without which freedom would crumble.

History demonstrates that people who believe their conversations are monitored refrain from free thought and restrain their communications.

Without privacy, freedom of speech, religion, free press, and other sacred liberties are eliminated.

The front line of cyber conflict today is on the mobile device and mobile communications.

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