KoolSpan TrustCall Dome Introduction

KoolSpan TrustCall provides secure instant enterprise communications in your private environment: secure voice calls, chats, messages, video conferencing, and file transfer.

But TrustCall is more than just a secure communications system. TrustCall provides an added layer of on-premises security we call the TrustCall Dome, a military-grade shield certified by the NIST.

All instant communications within the TrustCall Dome are shielded from the public internet and run entirely inside your firewall. This includes all related incoming pop-up notifications, a key function unique to KoolSpan, and not found with other secure communications providers.

With TrustCall, your instant communications never leave the dome, meaning they never leave the secure confines of your organization.

Case study

South Asian Ministry

A South Asian Ministry operates across multiple countries with officers exchanging highly confidential government information. Even though some consumer messaging platforms provide a degree of security, this Ministry cannot risk the reputational damage resulting from intercepted messages or exposure of their usage metadata.

Case study

Southeast Asia Military

Effectively and safely communicating with soldiers on the battlefield requires airtight security and widespread dissemination of communication devices. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of military personnel are equipped with secure satellite phones or other hardened devices. Therefore, a commander lacks a safe way to broadcast information to an entire fighting force.

Case study

US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

KoolSpan was requested to provide a solution for secure communications within a private network system, exclusively hosted and managed by NGA Agency. Furthermore, the Agency required enabling eDiscovery and archiving, to comply with Government policies


KoolSpan One-pager

With its cryptography roots and the patents to prove it, KoolSpan TrustCall delivers a communication suite trusted by the most security-conscious governments and industries on the planet.

Independently owned and unbeholden to large-company conflicts of interest, KoolSpan delivers uncompromised data security.